Great Cause. Cool Logo.

By December 19, 2008 No Comments

From time to time Jeromy and I get to decide whether we want to do work for someone, some organization, or some cause, just because we want to. Did you know that the men, and women, who make up search and rescue teams, all over this country, are all voluntary (actually they get paid $1.00 per year)? They train hard, work hard, put in a lot of hours, and end up saving a lot of lives. Remember the September 12 train collision up in Chatsworth, California? They were among the first responders. My friend, Roger Lebrun, Reserve Captain for the LA County Search & Rescue Team, approached us about a month ago. He wanted a new logo for the team (see below). This non-profit represents 7 teams that are with the LA County Sheriff’s Department. They will use the logo on their new/updated websites, printed materials, vehicles, etc. We were happy to help out. Kudos to Travis Wiley, the designer who helped me out on this one. Nice work, Travis. And a thousand thanks to the Los Angeles County Search & Rescue Team for all the lives they’ve saved, and families they’ve made happy, over the last 50+ years of their existence. We appreciate you folks!


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