Maintain Brand Loyalty

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How do you keep your customers loyal to your brand, so that they keep coming back to your web site, buying updated products and service, and spreading the word of your company out there (a good viral marketing technique)? This sounds easier than it is – it’s just a matter of keeping up on trends and keeping your website fresh with blogs, email blasts, rss feeds, and other tools available.

We have been writing about the importance of blogs in our own blog for months now. Technorati currently states it is tracking over 112.8 million blogs, and that does not include the 72.82 million Chinese blogs as counted by The China Internet Network Information Center. Blog statistics often concern the English language blogosphere, so this number is always changing. Thousands of new bloggers sign up for free blogs at Myspace, facebook, Livejournal,, WordPress, and elsewhere each week. Most businesses today understand how important a company blog is, broken down into product, employee, and customer blogs respectively.

Are you maintaining your blog? Keeping it fresh with at least three new posts (or more) a week? Are you interacting with your customers when they comment on your blog? Are you keeping track of who links to your blog or site and why?

What about email blasts? At best, are you sending out one a month? Two a month may be better (but not too many, you don’t want your customer base to feel bombarded and overwhelmed).

RSS feeds—do you have those attached to your blog? Widgets such as, reddit, and Facebook link sharing are other useful tools easily available to you.

The Book is on the Way

In the forthcoming book Ninthlink will publish, we will discuss these matters in deeper detail. This is why you don’t want to miss the book! It’s time to get on the bus! The goal of the book is to help companies of all sizes promote and grow in the online world of business, to enhance the company’s digital presence, and bring brands, products, and services to previously untapped consumers/customers.

This book is a State of the Industry address and CALL TO ACTION to "Get on the Bus."

The opportunity starts today.

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