Food Drive for Saint Vincent De Paul’s Village

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Saint Vincent De Paul’s Village was started in 1950 as a small operation handing out peanut butter sandwiches to homeless. In 1982, Father Joe of Father Joe’s Villages decided something more was needed than a “band-aid” approach of serving lunchtime sandwiches on weekdays. The opening of the Joan Kroc Center in 1987 marked the beginning of St. Vincent de Paul Village. St. Vincent’s helps people earn GEDs, train on computers, find jobs at Village employment fairs, receive medical and dental care, and take charge of their own destiny. Children learn at the on-site county-run elementary and high schools.

Our Goal
From Wednesday November 5th to Friday November 21st, Nithlink will be collecting un-opened, non perishable food items to be donated to Saint Vincent De Paul’s Kitchen. Our goal for this is 100 items which may sound like a lot: it is a lot, especially to those who will be recieving the donations. But for us to donate, its really not that much. If everyone who comes into Ninthlink on a daily basis brings just five items, think of how many lives we can help improve! Just because we have a goal for 100 doesn’t mean we need to stop there, this is when your help comes in! If you will be dropping by the office or in the neighborhood this month, we hope you will stop by and participate in the drive.

Along with a food drive, we are continuing our tradition of creating a fundraising page for this month’s organization. Our goal is $30, but like the food drive, we hope to not only meet this goal but exceed it! We are also creating awareness among people about food intolerance.There is a growing interest in food intolerance testing in the UK. This can be partially explained by the concern amongst the country’s leading nutritionists that the increasing amount of chemicals in our food is causing new conditions like IBS and chronic fatigue. Many of these problems cannot be resolved with traditional medicine. Therefore a number of people are looking for other answers, and food intolerance testing is a popular one.

In recent years the sheer number of chemicals in food has risen dramatically. Indeed, in the UK there are 10,000 additives in our food chain that were not present fifty years ago. The emergence of the organic food market is indicative of the increasing concern that many people have about this trend.

However, for some, eating carefully is essential to their sense of well being and not just because it seems wise to do so. This is because certain people are intolerant to specific foods and when they ingest these foods they feel unwell.

This can range from slight bloating to more serious problems like migraines and irritable bowel syndrome. The trouble is that not everyone knows which foods make them feel unwell. food intolerance test uk is a quick, cost effective and easy way to find out which foods a person is sensitive to.


After our food drive is over, on Friday November 21st at 4pm we will have a group of volunteers help in the kitchen to serve food, organize donations, etc. There are 12 spots for our group available and we currently have 6 spots available. If you and your family/friends are interested in joining us, email me at [email protected]. It will be a great way to help others and after all, it is the season of giving. We hope to see you there!

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