Debunking the Political Rumors

By October 15, 2008 No Comments

Part of Ninthlink Cause’s October Cause is to make sure that the public is informed about the important upcoming election. There is so much riding on this election and it is very important to educate yourself and vote.

Well, due to many rumors that have started on the internet via blogs and irate emails, there are a lot of untrue facts floating around about both campaigns, specifically Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. However, we must separate the untrue from the true before we can make our final decisions. There are some rumors that are obviously false, for example Palin banning books from the Wasilla Library or that she made a bathing suit of the american flag and that Obama is the actual Anti-Christ…

While Obama and Palin have been victims of many rumors, John McCain and Joe Biden have had their share of blog related rumers or “blumers” as well. Lucky for us, there are some great sites whose sole purpose is to debunk rumors including and I’m certain that there are more debunking sites out there, but we need to make sure to check the validity of the sites before trusting them, and most importantly, passing information along.

Chances are, if the site has been mentioned on a credible website as being credible, then it should be counted as a reliable source. Or, if you would like to do a little digging on these allegations yourself, you can search through popular political sites such as, The New York Times and USA Today.

TruthOrFiction has been mentioned in a article, and Snopes has been mentioned in The Detroit News, and in Barack Obama’s own rumor debunking site, Fight the Smears. I have done some searching through the John McCain site, but have found no specific pages dedicated to eliminating rumors swirling around the McCain/Palin campaign. If someone has found one, please feel free to post it in the comments below.

Tonight is the presidential debate so make sure to tune into that! If you cannot access it from your television set, you can watch it online as well.

Reminder for California residents: If you aren’t registered to vote and still wish to, you must register by October 20th!! Don’t delay this!