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On Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 12:08pm, a group of people gathered in a room armed with a whiteboard and three 14″ pizzas. This gathering is the first of a weekly meet-up to be known as CoLab. It may not be clear what CoLab exactly is, so the question to each participant was the same: “What does CoLab mean to you?”

CoLab to me is the ninthlink team taking an hour a week to get away from the daily grind, and instead rally up together and talk about what’s cool and hip and now, and what we can do to get in there.

Co lab is meeting of the minds at Ninthlink about the new and cool ideas we have.

CoLab is bringing everyone together. Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild) wrote in his book just before his passing, “happiness only real when shared”. So, we’re a creative bunch, and we’re sharing in our endeavours, and I think that will make us all happy.

CoLab is an opportunity to share ideas, trends and business concepts that can be turned into action by the NLK team. Rock out.  J

1. Co – To partner. To co-exist.
2. Lab – As in Laboratory: To experiment with ideas. To express a hypothesis and set about to prove it by making it repeatable.
3. Both of those aren’t bad thoughts. I think for us it means to come up with ideas and then develop do-able/deliverable solutions, ideas, concepts, etc. that are bigger than they would have been had we not been willing to “collaborate”. Note the word “willing”… More than anything else that’s what it takes – Individual wills to make it happen.
Thanks for listening.
Larry’s brain.

To Co-Lab is to collaborate. And websters definition of the word is to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor. This is right on to what we at ninthlink do on achiving any goal big or small. To COLAB at ninthlink is the attempt to join brain forced with the entire team and put in a little extra elbow grease and use our full bag of tricks to come up with a plan to rule the World with our online inventions. Not realy we are just working on our own products and solutions so we can all pat each other on the back at the end of the day and say, Hustle in Hustle out. Look for Awsomeness coming to a computer screen near you.

Warm bodies around a rectangular table regularly checking their watches, wondering how long the meeting can actually go on (forever?), throwing up ideas praying that somehow, some way, from your mouth will come that one magical, profitable idea, but really hoping only not to sound more moronic than the last guy to speak, always wondering if something is in your teeth or hanging from your nose.

Its about a group of people coming together in a space.  Each person looks for a bright idea shared by someone else, some speak their mind, others don’t share anything.  We joke around and hang out, until one idea sparks real interest, and then idea + idea + idea = chaos = talk and excitement and drooling and yelling and possibly food fights and lots of “wahoo we are super creative and smart”!!! And then we blog about it.  So that’s why we do it, to hype up the office once a week so that things don’t get dull around here. Picture to come sorry have to run out of the office (editor’s note: picture never came)

The Ninthlink team taking an hour to meet together and to listen to each other’s individual ideas and concepts to hopefully advance our common goals. Maybe taking our individual interests and combining them with the goal in mind of improving as an individual and team on current, future projects.

NOTE: The image above is a collective of thumbnails, each being supplied by a particpant with relation to the topic of this post. For those who didn’t supply an image, a placeholder denoting failure was substitued. Can you spot the “failure” thumbnails?

Craig Wheeler

Craig joined the Ninthlink team in 2002 as an intern before graduating from SDSU in 2003. For the last eight years he's been wrangling interface designs, falling in love with various typefaces, and enjoying urban color palettes found on his bike ride to and from work. He keeps the creative juices charged by spending time in the ocean and mountains and a steady routine of yoga and meditation.


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