Recycle, the Earth will Thank you for It

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Don’t make this guy do all your work – Let’s recycle!

Recycling Dos: What’s OK to Recycle?

-Food & Beverage Containers-
Milk, soda, water cooking oil and salad dressings

-Jars & Canisters-
Peanut butter jars, soap & mayonnaise jars, aspirin bottles and 35mm film canisters

-Cleaning Products & Detergents-
Bleach, detergent, soap, shampoo, drain cleaners, etc.

-Automotive & Yard Care Products-
EMPTY anifreeze, oil, plant food and herbicide containers

Recycling Don’ts

Plastic bags
Newspaper delivery bags
Light bulbs
Window glass
Wax paper
Food-soiled paper
Plastic flower pots
Clear dome covers on take-out food trays
Microwaveable food trays

Please DO NOT recycle other types of plastics that are not labeled CA Redemption Value or CA Cash Refund. This includes:

Its our responsibility and this is the only home we’ve got.

And don’t forget you can earn money for recycling cans, glass, plastic, and in some places, cardboard. Just like how in the movie Wall-e, how Wall-e saves all the people and bring the last plant back to earth to help rejuvenate life back on it the same way we must help make earth a better place by rejuvenating it before its too late.  We can contribute by using reputed companies for Commercial rubbish removal Perth who are pro-recycling and buying only buying things which can be reused. I know this is not a lot but taking the first step can always be a good start.

If you neighborhood doesn’t already have a recycling program, you can organize one! If you live in an apartment complex, its a great idea to place a recycling bin near the mail boxes. People almost always go through their mail right there and throw out the unecessary. This stuff can all be recycled! Contact EDCO and discuss this with the president/owner of your complex to get a recycling program set up, TODAY!

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