Break Out the Backpacks, Books, and Lunch Money

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It’s That Time of the Year Again

Yes, Summer is almost gone and Fall is around the corner, and September marks when everyone goes back to school, from the pre-schoolers to the Ph.D candidates – public schools, private schools, charter schools, colleges and universities are all now back in business, educating the minds of the people in the world.

It would be good to reflect on just how much the method of education has changed the past ten years with technological advancements. Gone are the days of writing notes and typing papers on manual typewriters or Mac Pluses. Today, first graders are schooled in the use of computers in the class and at home – many in grades 3-12 have laptops and stations at their desks. These are the children who have grown up with Google, Myspace, and Web 2.0 – and these are the children who will one day bring forth further advancements in technology and information.

This is how we are culturally evolving, as the human meets the digital and creates new wonders on the Net and the way we will all conduct our private and business lives.

Today’s students are tech-savvy and quickly adapt to rapid advancements in computer and internet technology…this is their world.

The team at Ninthlink likes to feel we are a vital part of this exciting way of living today.

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