Webby Award

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Ninthlink just recieved an Official Honoree Webby Award for the Viral site, Face of Christmas.

Here’s a little background blurb I wrote for a newsletter a few months ago about the site:

Ninthlink decided to implement and test an interactive and measurable viral video marketing campaign for the holidays to prove the value and bring in the holiday cheer. Strategic planning produced 2 areas that we could measure to provide a successful result. The areas measured were: the amount of return visitors by uploading a new video each day for a duration of ten days; and the amount the visitor interacted with the site by allowing the visitors to vote for which videos were their favorite.

Deliver video and flash material as the interactive experience to improve visitor return rates and stickiness to website.

Unique Visitors: 1223 (didn’t even plan, but still an impressive number.)
Visitor Return Rate: 37%
Interactivity: 100% watched or voted for a video

Check the site to explore, and check back in a few days because we’re going to post a video about the site.

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