Brand Starts Early…

Maybe too early, but isn’t that great? Do you remember the first product that really stuck in your memory or made you feel something special? It was 1979 and the Schwinn bike emblem is forever embossed into my memory.


Engaging People in
Unforgettable Experiences

The process of designing, building and seeing something come to life is what we love at Ninthlink. Recently, we took ourselves through the process of building a custom bike for our Ninthlink culture that offers a eco-friendly alternative for roundabouts in the community. This project got us thinking about how great brands are started and continue to engage us globally. This bike got us brainsstorming about — What would we call it? How would it look? What purpose does it serve? And will it turn heads and make a brand statement by design? This would not be a bias decision on what the bike would be. This would be an all hands on deck participation from the whole team. So we went at it like we do all new projects; conversing, researching, sketching, naming, high-fiving, and chugging down coffee until we arrived at our best solution. The result is a simple, bare bones Ninthlink bike that gives our team and others like us exactly what we need – nothing more, nothing less. All design has been thought out, down to the short handle bars making it safe to maneuver through the urban landscape. It would be one, mid-ranged gear to fit the simplified motto of design. And it would be beautiful.


Ignite & Let Your Brand
Stand for Something

Now that we have our Ninthlink branded bike with everything considered from the color to the nuts and bolts, we want to share the experience of our brand process. We take that baby everywhere and it demands attention. In its absence of overtly cluttered decals and showy features, it makes up for it’s 15 seconds of fame by shear simplicity. It ignites conversation and allows us to explain our Ninthlink brand and motto. We are proud of what we do on a day to day basis and what we do for the brands we represent, and it reflects on our team and now on our own pride in branded product development. We love immersing ourselves to the fullest to achieve whatever the end result might be. We have learned a lot by applying our skills to internal projects like these and it only strengthens our team efforts and knowledge to progress and share with our client’s success and future growth.

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