Christopher Friend

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher is devoted to the utilization of business as a means for creating high impact social, economic, and environmental change. He does this by leading companies to focus on maximizing organizational value, as a measurement of employee, customer, community and environmental initiatives. Christopher, a Harvard Alumnus, comes to Ninthlink with over 11 years of experience in starting and growing companies. In addition to being part of the foundational team of 3 growth stage companies, he also served in the Navy as a Logistics Specialist and Search and Rescue Swimmer.

His leadership style is rooted in two parts. 1) Service: Good leadership is about serving individuals by helping them achieve their personal best and supporting the collaboration of those individuals to grow organizations that have a beneficial impact on everyone they touch. A company made up of successful employees, will be a successful company. 2) Objectivity: with enough information any decision becomes clear. It’s not about having all the answers, but rather about asking the right questions.